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We are fandom too.

(ETA: It is very important that you read all of the posts in this tag (link at the bottom of the post) because the idea evolves a lot to become a much broader and longer lasting and long term idea. Thanks.)

Yesterday I wrote about a hypothetical idea involving a very special message aimed at MGM/SciFi and during some discussions we've decided that an ad would be a marvelous idea, the concept has been broadened a bit, while I still want to sideswipe MGM/SciFi specifically in some manner, the general message will be something a bit different and one that I think has been coming for a long damn time and is not intended to be only aimed at our current super villain.

To that end, here's the super duper rough cut of the idea, under a cut b/c it got long. But in summary, it's basically "We're so sorry we're not your demographic."

Surrounded by images of fans, variety is what we're looking for, racial and otherwise, but also put together, professional, that person that the execs do not believe actually watches scifi or what have you. With a much cleaner cut of the following text. (I remind you again, this is basically as thought of last night, no real changes, the final draft would be cleaner, swifter and come to the point more carefully, but this gives you a good idea.)

"These faces have paid to see: The Dark Knight. Iron Man. The Hulk. etc. etc. etc. These faces tune in weekly for: Battlestar Galactica. Stargate. etc. etc. etc."

"These faces are the ones who control the disposable income in the house."

"These faces are your audience."

"But apparently these faces are not your demographic."

"These faces do not go to the movies because their husbands drag them. These faces drag their husbands."

"These faces are your repeat customers."

"These faces are tired of being told they aren't science fiction fans."

"These faces went to see The Dark Knight - for the *plot*."

"These faces buy comic books."

"These faces buy DVDs."

"These faces are tired of being told what they don't like. These faces are tired of being told what they don't watch. These faces are tired of being told that they don't count."

"These faces bought this ad."

“Imagine what these faces could do for you.”

Ideas and suggestions and rewrites are always welcome.

To that end, we have some work to do.

1. The only solid number I've heard so far is full page is something like $10,000 (ETA: probably closer to 15k, but I still think we can do it!), which sounds like a lot, but I'm sure we can find 1000 pissed off women to donate 10 bucks each. lydiabell has valiantly volunteered to research these numbers and various other magazines more thoroughly, but more hands are always appreciated.

2. This cannot and should not be LJ based. To that end, we're setting up a very basic website sometime this weekend so we can start making fliers (for DragonCon) and posting to blogging sites without having to direct them to my LJ. I'm not an HTML person, so I'm going to eventually recruit someone to make it (and the fliers) look nice. (Volunteers are yay!)

3. Once the money gets flowing, there will be a daily update in an attempt to be as transparent as possible, maybe even a pretty little achievement bar! It all depends on my html gurus.

4. A list of places to talk about this, LJ and non would be great. Remember, while inspired by SGA, this is about being tired of being ignored, I'm sure we can find plenty of people who feel the same.

5. For now, this will be tagged as "sorry we're the wrong demographic" in my LJ, so you can follow it that way.

6. Suggestions, ideas and what have you appreciated. Please.

ETA: Pointing people to this post would be very helpful, thanks!

ETA2: Holy comment fairy batman, trying to keep up with comments, but wow, good response. Lagging behind does not mean I do not care!

ETA3: Got REALLY behind. Will catch up tomorrow!

ETA4: Please read this post too.
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